Ministry of Internal Affairs with hot disclosures on BLIT's exclusive news about bloody action in Sofia – BLITZ


In the modern neighborhood "Modern suburb", the Ministry of the Interior confirmed the BLITZ news about the beatings,. The man was in a helpless state on the street in a modern neighborhood Moderna, published by the press service of the Ministry of the Interior.

The man was lying on the floor. So far, he had an inconsistent head injury. The incident happened yesterday, November 7th.

The victims were seen by people reporting to the authorities. The signal arrived at the Ministry of the Interior about 18 hours yesterday.

A police team from the ninth administrative district of SDRD and a rescue service were sent to the website.

The emergency aid team took the victim into a hospital. A man is housed because of a life-threatening healing.
His age and identity are still unclear for the time being.

They have taken measures to clarify the circumstances of the case, the Ministry of the Interior added.


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