Mauricez: CSKA is not impossible to become champion


CSKA Maurizis striker is convinced that they have "red" their victories to become champions this season and everyone in the team is focused on this task.

"I'm happy that I scored 2 goals and I helped the team in the last game, but sometimes the attackers experience such periods." There was a time in the football field (Maurice could not write in the month).

Because I came here, I was always doing criminal shooting. And in previous clubs – too. I asked for an apology from my teammates because I missed two points with suspension. The match ended with a draw. That's my fault.

It became clear how serious the damage was to Cyril Despodov

It became clear how serious the damage was to Cyril Despodov

Today, CSKA missed out of the national team because of harassment

I feel very well from the fact that fans of CSKA, like me. This motivates me even more. It's impossible to become a champion. We all work in this direction. I hope you get it. Why do not I have goals outside Sofia? I do not know. I work hard every week. My goal is always to participate and help the team in each meeting.

Ludogorets and Levski are a good team. But we are. We are focused on becoming champions, we can achieve this goal.

I know that Ludogorets has a lot of Brazilians, but we have never been caught. I do not know any of them.

Vancouver Whitecaps has an interest in the CSKA star Tiaso Rodriguez

They offer asa Canadian team CSKA

Tiago Rodriguez contacted Vancouver Whiteclips

It's complicated. My daughter has many health problems. When it's cold, it gets sick. Such cases were in Portugal. It is much more complicated in Bulgaria because it is colder. If there is a problem, we do not speak the language and can not explain it. So there they are in Brazil and here I am doing my job.

I like the Bulgarian Championship. The team accepted me well, including people on the streets. I like. Tonight I feel happy at the club. I have a 3-year contract with CSKA, another two years and four months. I want to be here for 2 years and 4 months because I like it. I'm glad to defend the interests of the team.

Now I do not know anything about the offer from another club. I allowed my agent and the president to deal with him. If one day they come from a Turkish team, I can go. But there is nothing at the moment. So I'm focused on my work in CSKA, "said Mauricez at

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