Managed electricity market – Bulgaria


P The current market for the business is manipulated and has all the signs of an organized criminal group. This is what employers claim and want to resign in NEC in connection with high industrial electricity prices.

Employers: an organized criminal group with the electricity market

The President of the Federation of Industrial and Energy Consumers Konstantin Stamenov and Anton Ivanov of the Bulgarian Energy and the Mining Forum commented on the topic of "More of the Day" on FET.

"What is happening on the market, unfortunately, is their concern and not the first time, and everyone knew that there would be less electricity on May 1. But on May 8, the second day, the amount of electricity Available on the market, was reduced dramatically, especially by the National Electricity Company, and we became the most expensive European Union market in May 8 and 9, and we are unable to buy electricity, prices are very high This is at a time when electricity production in Bulgaria Sometimes far from their peaks, "says stamenov.

"Today, Mr. Petar Ilyev held a press conference from NEK and he placed the position of NEC and the need for verification is clear, whether by checking Mrs. Liev suggests he was inspecting the observations industry. "But it is necessary. It explained that, on one hand, Bulgarian energy is in a very deep crisis, in a position to look for any opportunity to compensate for a shortage we have been discussing for years, but Has already reached Astronomical Well Increase and we are able to turn our back to the idea of ​​work and liberalization, "Ivanov said.

According to the two interlocutors, the solution to the problem is full market liberalization and long-term development strategy for this sector.

For an overview of the topic, see the video above.

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