Kovac: Dortmund will be easier


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Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovač expressed optimism that his team on Saturday showed a better match against Borussia Dortmund and against AEK in the match last year.

The Bavarians won the Greens 2-0 and practically qualify for the phase of elimination at the most prestigious European club tournament with a 10% share.

"We did not get enough and in the second half of the year we were rewarded with several hits, but there were no fireworks in the game, but this could be expected, and winning is the most important thing," said Croatian.

"Lewandowski has done well, scored two goals and could do so much." AEK was very deep in half, played 5-4-1 and made it harder.

"Borussia has been attacking, derby is in their field and we will get space and we expect a better match." Mizo says Dortmund will be popular, but Bayern can beat everything, we want to be happy after the game. many things come out, but that's not just Bayern, "Niko added.

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