Here's the Desmond Prize (PHOTO)


Attacker Kiril Despodov received the first football day of the first player from the classification established by the Association of Bulgarian Footballers and the INSTAT football analysis and statistics company. His statue was handed over by the Secretary General of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Georgi Boychev as soon as Despodov rewarded the most important young talents from the national program "Children and Football".

Kiril Despodov won the 280 points prize, followed by Sissyne (Ludogorets) with 277 points and Alexandra Benga (September) with 271 points.

The classification is absolutely objective and impartial, since the INSTAT index is determined by computer calculations based on the player's performance, taking into account objectives, assistants, precise sources, aggregations and other objective measurements.

In August, Despod scored 3 goals and 2 assists in 4 matches in the first league.


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