Google has shown how the search engine will look if the EU is Copyright Directive – Lightning


Google is trying to challenge the EU Copyright Directive, which can significantly affect the performance of various online services. In a sequential attempt to understand the clerks, Google showed its vision of the consequences.

The internet giant is preparing a new version for its search engine that complies with the directive. Everyone can now assess how the legislative acts of the EU Will affect both end-users and publishers. The screenshot shows demonstrates how empty the user search response page matches the directive.

Instead of the usual images and text, users will see empty rectangles that contain only the name of the place where the searchable material is found. Because publishers will have the right to claim payment for the smallest fragments of content, in accordance with point 11 of the directive, Google believes it is better not to use such items. This means the complete lack of icons and images, as well as preliminary text. Indeed, publishers have long complained that Google used their images and texts in their services. But they won't be happy after the Google search engine stops using them.

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