Enrique Iglesias – Latin King of the Heart (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


In 2014, TV giant Telemando chooses Bailando as the main theme of the superstriped series Queen of Hearts. And this is absolutely logical, given that the songwriter Enrique Iglesias is the winner of millions of hearts worldwide, which is growing ever increasing.

The fourth concert of Enrique Iglesias was even bigger, spectacular and spectacular than the previous three in Sofia. On November 6th, a Latin star of an hour and a half successfully tried to steal hearts, as well as the Latin series, but not those who made the conveyor belt, but from the most expensive – with the best actors, directors and screenwriters.

Almost a quarter of a century, the most famous legendary son, Julio Iglesias, won grammars. So surprisingly, the 20-year-old Enrique began a successful music journey to become one of the regulars in the world of good, commercial and quality-made Latin melodies.

Thousands of loyal fans in long-term sales Armeec has left a voluntary capture of a symbol of sex that does not match the global scale. Only a few years ago he had four new hits – Move To Miami was at the very beginning of the show, and Subme La Radio sing together with one voice.

To get closer to most audiences, Enrique sang in two scenes, danced with a fan, received gifts and flowers, and for a moment he did not remove a smile from his face.

Freak, Bailamos, Bells, returning to my love, be with you, hero, Bailando – a total of 20 songs that passion passion and love, and take the audience with no emotion. Finally it was raised with I Like It, which seemed to summarize the general mood in the hall. Frustrated dance and shouting, fans seem to have no power to call Enrique in biz. But he will definitely come for the fifth time.

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