Ennio Moricone celebrates the 90th anniversary

Moricone concert in Germany
Moritzon concert in Germany / BGNES

Ennio Moricone celebrates the 90th anniversary

The world-renowned composer, the author of nearly 500 films, Enio Moricone, is now 90 years old. Six decades are dedicated to his musical activity. Today, the musician began his big tour of "60 Years of Music", which started last year.

A few days ago, Moricone led his work in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Concerts were incredibly successful, as they are the master everywhere. Regardless of his age, the composer, who turned to management only in 2000, continues to travel, albeit in a less active rhythm.

The tour, which is actually a bargain, covers various European cities. On one of the recent concerts in London, additional tickets were sold on November 26th.

Sometimes his creator had to give up his introductory speech because of the severe pain in his back. A few years ago, Moricone was subjected to treatment and it seemed that it was no longer on the scene.

However, a musician likes to lead an orchestra that performs its tracks. "First, I continue to organize concerts because I am invited to do it, that is, people want it." Secondly, I really have this, I love it a lot and, from a financial point of view, this is not bad either: I can earn money and not write new things, "he joked in a recent interview with TASS.

First success

Moricone was born on November 10, 1928 in Rome. His father is a professional musician who plays a trumpet in the jazz band and his mother is an ordinary housewife. The future composer is the largest of five children.

The musician thinks that he is part of his success for due diligence, hard work and good preparation. The first real success came when he worked with Sergio Leone. The composer keeps his winds with his musicians.

In his long career, Moricone collaborates with a number of Italian and foreign directors. He wrote music for emblematic groups such as Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time" (1984), "The Invincibles" by Brian De Palme, "New Cinema Paradise" by Giuseppe Tornatore.

With Giuseppe Tornatore in Berlin, 2013
With Giuseppe Tornatore in Berlin 2013 / BGNews

The film is almost always guaranteed as a success if it sounds like Moricone's music. Some of his songs are becoming more popular than the tapes for which they are written.

Two Oscars

Despite the fact that the composer of dozens of the most prestigious awards and six nominations for the Oscar, he won his first "Golden Warrior" in 2007 for a full contribution to the film.

Oscar for Common Creativity – 2007 / BGNES

He received the second Academy Award in 2016 for The Hated Eighth, in which Moricone agrees to experiment with director Quentin Tarantin, inspired by "spaghetti-vesters".

With Quentin Tarantino in one of his greatest adventures
With Quentin Tarantino in one of his greatest adventures /

The American Film Academy's sculptures received numerous films on which Moricone writes music. According to the results of the sale, 27 records with songs of their songs became "gold" and 7 "platinum".

27 gold and 7 platinum albums
27 gold and 7 platinum albums / BGNES

On the occasion of the anniversary, Italian TV prepared special recordings dedicated to the creative path of musicians. As announced, "Hero of the Day" will be featured in a popular evening show on the first channel of state television "RAI" on Sunday. It will be accompanied by the director of Tornatore, with whom Moricone continues to work on new projects. / BGNES

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