Doctor: The flu starts suddenly, the worsening may be 30 minutes


Yesterday announced a flu epidemic in four districts across the country. The sharp increase in respiratory disease imposed temporary school holidays in the affected areas. Perhaps there will be more areas where the flu will fall, medication forecast.

According to dr. Zorka Ugridina, the flu has a brutal start to health.

"In 30 minutes, the health can be greatly adjusted by whole-body pain, heat, headache, vomiting, and in homeopathy, we can specifically adapt clients to patients and use the right medicine. It's easier for children to do Body Reaction Faster When it comes to reaching older people, the effect may be slower by 3-4 days You can catch surprising remedies The incubation period of the virus healing is expected to close in about 10 days, "she said in the studio. From TV "on Bulgari ַ Air. "

Dr. Ugrinova stressed that the flu was not treated with antibiotics because they were targeted in the area of ​​infection, and prevention is key if we want to protect ourselves from influenza, the doctor added.

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