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The Masters in Madrid will have a new champion. This became apparent after the 2018 winner Alexander Zverev fell out of the quarters. World No. 4 defeated the other major star of the young generation, Stefanos tsitsipas. The Greek won a very interesting match that lasted over two hours and ended 7: 5, 3: 6, 6: 2.

The match is quite equivalent, as the tense moments are not missing, but finally in the third set, Zverev made too many mistakes and the final result.

For Zicpis, this was the second consecutive victory over Zverev, who will lose a lot of points for the title a year ago. For him, this is the second half-final of the Masters Series tournament, and his rival will be the winner of the match between Rapa Nadal and Stan Vavrinka.

"I am very happy and happy with my performance, I think I deserve the victory, I played very well, I felt quite comfortable on the site, and when you feel like you can do the visas, so I enjoy the process, stay here. Far and I hope to do even better in the future. "

Indeed, Ziccipas has shown very tough tennis in the course of the entire game. In contrast, Zverev's game is tidal, which eventually turned out to be fatal. The start was difficult for the German who replaced four pieces in his first two games of service, then stabilized his hand and the set to go to the game. But sweetie hit 0 in the 11th game and so went ahead in the score.

In the second place Zverev showed the best of himself, scoring 90% of his first servers. 4: 3 came after an excellent combination with a hot dog and a winner, followed by eight consecutive points after which the game is already in third place.

But the German did not manage to play well, although he missed three breaks at 1: 1. Immediately afterwards, in 1: 2, he made two double mistakes, which proved his key to the breakthrough in favor of Zipizas. From there, the Greek is in complete control, even completing the fight with another breakthrough.

"He plays very well, obviously many have improved, his service is very good, I was surprised today, and the second shock was incredibly aggressive, so it's not easy," admitted the lost Zverev.

"Actually, I think I've played very well in the first two sets, and if I played a little more aggressively in the third set of breakthroughs, maybe I would have taken a break and win the game, but it's all happening. . "

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