Business Promises Double-digit Wage Growth (Overview, Video)

Kiril Domuschiev is catastrophic that the state and? You need to keep your income stable. Picture: Pierre Petrov

Low education and lack of skills hinders more

Protests, elections and new offices will lead to lower incomes, warning Seibg

The average salary will continue to rise and its growth in 2019 will be at least two digits. This promised business at a meeting with the prime minister. The employers went along with trade unions to Boyko Borisov at the time when Valery Simonov's resignation was debated in the Parliament.

"Over the past year, we have a 2-digit rise in the average wage, this trend will continue next year," said Seibg President Kiril Domushiev after the talks. He stressed that salaries of specialists and employees with good knowledge and skills would grow. The main problems are even more significant in the growth of wages in our country, the business is clearly showing the education and skills of the employees.

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Also taking into account the gray economy.

Trade unions insist that the average wage should rise by 12-14%.

In September, the average monthly salary amounted to 1135 Baht (880 Baht net) and increased by 6.7% on an annual basis. For comparison, the trend was close to 9% in June. The increase comes mainly from the public sector, where higher teachers salaries increase the average, according to the data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

The meeting was aimed to decide what to do next year in order to solve the problems given by people, the chairman of the Symposium Plamen Dimitrov explains. According to him, there is a continuing trend for two-digit growth to be guaranteed next year.

Income policy covers over 3 million people, of which only half a million are employed in the public sector. The state has the commitment to raise their salaries, and the rest is not determined by it, deputy prime minister Tomislav Donchev said. The state plans next year to raise salaries in the budget sector by 10%.

The business complained that the protests stopped the development of the economy. "The protests, which work in the country by a small number of people, because everyone can watch TV – in different places have gathered 30-40-50 people, are inadmissible," said Domuschiev. It holds the government to take measures to avoid making the economy and citizens more difficult. And it is clear that

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What's happening in the state. "I think that the country needs stability, an office or election will certainly not help to increase people's incomes and the growth of the economy, on the contrary," he said. The Seychelles demanded all parties to populate the inimitable populace because there are revenues in the treasury.

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