Bulgaria's escort again behind bars in Greece after escaping from prison 21 years ago! – BLISTER


21 years after his escape from a Greek prison where he served a drug trial, the famous dealer Ognan Atanassov was sent back to the pre-arrest in Thessaloniki on Friday to make new charges for crimes revealed after his escape from prison in the 1990's. The Greek Ekathimerini.

The 56-year-old Bulgarian citizen was sentenced to 18 years in prison for trafficking 2.5 kg of heroin in 1995 and was ordered to serve his sentence in the Kasandra farm prison on Halkidiki Peninsula. However, he ran to flee in 1998 and returned to Bulgaria.

The suspect, known to the police as "The Bulgarian Escobar" and "The Stroma Valley", was presented to five prosecutors in Thessaloniki on Friday afternoon to serve five of the seven Greek prisoners warrants against him.

Atanasov will remain in prison until he is sucked for drug trafficking charges. It is unclear whether he will remain and the remaining time of his first conviction.

In 2010, the Bulgarian authority arrested Atanassov and sent him to prison. Later, he was extradited to Greece.

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