BSP issued a statement for the defense of its four deputies who filed a request for a road revision in the RIA (OBZOR)

November 12, 2018 | 01:07 | FOCUS news agency

Photo: BSPBP issued a statement to defend its four deputies who filed a request for the revision of roads in the API (OBZOR)

BSP issued a statement for the defense of its four deputies who filed a request for a road revision in the RIA (OBZOR)Photo: BSP

Sofia. BSP issued a statement for the defense of its four MEPs who made a request for a road revision in the RIA. The BSP's statement addresses the institutions and citizens of the republic with the call to take action to protect the basic civil and human rights enshrined in the Bulgarian Constitution. According to the BSP, attempts to limit the rights of opposition members have begun to gain the systemic character expressed in parliamentary majority measures based exclusively on political relevance without respecting the fundamental law of the country. The left explains that the purpose of corporate organizations to prevent Members' activities is contrary to the basic principles of the constitutionally established order, such as freedom of opinion and expression, and the free term of office of deputies. It was clear that the document will be sent to the European institutions. The BSP Declaration was adopted at a session of the National Council of the Party and was related to the request of the Chamber to resign Members of the Parliament Elena Yoncheva, Krum Zarkov, Hristo Prodanov and Georgi Svilenski. The proposal was submitted by the head of BSP Cornelia Ninova.
Before the press before the plenum Head of BSP Cornelia Ninova he emphasized that this time BSP will again submit a subscription to the RIA for 4, but with 79 signatures. "Come and drag us out of parliament because you want the truth and fight corruption. In a legal and democratic business environment, it is absolutely unacceptable that legislators impose conditions that do not fulfill their basic mandate to seek information and fight corruption. We know how great you are and how strong you are, but there are things that are stronger and greater than all of us. These are the Constitution and the fundamental rights of Bulgarian citizens. Neither will they quit or cease to function, "he said. Nina said.
The head of the BSP also commented on the GERB statement on the office of President Rumen Radev. She stressed that GERB is afraid of the office of the president of the state, but she can not justify challenging the constitution.
The Plenum BSP approved the 2019 replacement budget. This was determined as a point on the agenda of the National Council and presented by Deputy Chairman of the BSP for Bulgaria, Dragomir Stojnev. The opposition's budget policies value the values ​​set out in the Vision for Bulgaria project. The budgetary philosophy of the opposition is "Sustainable social and economic development with financial stability". The BSP aims to ensure national funding of policies for sustainable socio-economic development and restoring confidence in the social and health insurance system. Alternative budgetary targets on the left are the reduction of poverty and inequality and overcoming the deepening of regional disparities. Some additions to the draft alternative budget were prepared in the debate.
The alternative BSP budget was presented on 5 November 2018. Trade unions, employers, civil and affiliated organizations and political parties were invited to a public debate. For the second year in a row, the opposition proposes a proposal for alternative budgetary policies.
The BSP Plenum hosted the fourth session of the 49th Congress of the BSP, to be held at the National Palace of Culture on 26 January. The members of the National Council were convened at 10 am and approved 4 items of the agenda. The head of the border crossing point, Kornelia Ninova, today will present the political report "Bulgaria and Europe. Vision tomorrow. The delegates will also discuss the" Vision for Bulgaria "project and the Congress will present a report on the activities of deputies who were elected from the list of Coalition for Bulgaria during the 2014 mandate -2019 that he will accept the pre-election platform for the participation of BSP in the elections to the European Parliament in 2019. There will be no agenda item on the amendment of the party's statute. According to the BSP statute, the Congress is the supreme body of the party elected for a period of four years and less than once a year. The last session of the 49th Congress was in October 2017
The BSP Consultative Group also discussed the procedure for appointing candidates for Members of the European Parliament and the drafting of the work program of the party for participation in the vote. The National Council also discussed the strategy for the left media pool and the development of the newspaper in Duma. At the meeting, it became clear that Yordan Michev resigned as the editor-in-chief of the Duma newspaper and remained deputy editor-in-chief. The National Council began the process of electing the editor-in-chief until the end of January and elected the election commission with President Ivan Tokadzhiev. Until the election of the editor-in-chief, the BSP State Council determined the position of Ivelin Nikolov.

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