Botev (Pd) – CSKA 0: 3 (Development of the match in minutes)


90 ′

End of the match!

CSKA won their visit to Botev (Pd) with 3: 0 in efbet League

KSCA defeated Botte for his most convincing championship victory of the season, Vion and Maziku with first goals for the “Army”

Ali Sow also signed for Komatevo

89 ′

Official warning for SancareWhich broke the rules against Shokolarov.

80 ′

The young man Georgi Tryfonov Will enter the game and the field pages Atanas Iliev.

79 ′

Ali Sou Browse the field instead of his college Ahmed Ahmedov.

77 ′

Gram curry Will replace the captain Petar Zanev.

76 ′

Jefferson Was replaced by Yunus Sankare.

73 ′

Amos of the South Ends his participation in the match. He appeared in his place Stefano Beltrame.

69 ′

Salif Cisse Out in the game, replaced the young Dimitar Tanev.

67 ′

Goal for KSCA !! 0: 3 !! MAZIKU! From then on, the guard of the “Canaries” fell completely and CSKA easily reached the classic in the 67th minute. Thibaut Villon crosses accurately in the penalty area of ​​Botev. Surprisingly, Bradley Maziku hit his head there, which Argilashki was repulsed with difficulty. The African was lucky and quickly ran to make the necessary goal addition.

61 ′

Jonathan Receive a yellow card.

60 ′

First change in the ranks of KSCA. Enrique Was replaced by Georgi Yomov.

58 ′

Goal for KSCA !! 0: 2 !! ALI SOU! Sofia’s visitors seemed to “concrete” their triumph of Komatevo with a new goal in the 58th minute. Tiago provided the perfect ball for Ali Sow. The African again impressed with his positioning and needed a touch to get rid of Victor Genev. He then bet on a shot with his left foot, which left Argilashki without an opportunity for adequate intervention. The goal for the Gambian has been under 5 for him in the Efbet League since the start of the season.

57 ′

Tiago showed great individual class in the 57th minute. The Portuguese midfielder elegantly turned his back on two of the opponent’s players, but his subsequent shot was easily caught by the home guard.

55 ′

ENRIKE !! The first serious scoring situation happened in the 55 minutes. Captain Zanev combined with Enrique. The attacking CSKA player again easily overturned the robot and fired a powerful shot in the middle of the “yellow-black” door. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, the ball is just over the top beam of Argilashki.

52 ′

The first moments of the second half pass under the sign of strong clashes, many fouls and a little football.

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Here’s how the efbet odds for this match changed after the end of the first part!

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The game is renewed!

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Happy Holidays!

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ENRIKE! CSKA created a new pass, seconds before Nikolay Yordanov gave a signal for a break. Enrique Rafael cleverly turned the young Rabotov over and shot from a virtually zero angle. Argilashki was well positioned and did not allow the Brazilian to pass his shot into the net of Plovdiv.

45 ′

Yellow card for Thibaut Vion By CSKA.

41 ′

INVOLVED! Botev (Pd) showed signs of life in the 41 minutes. Then Slavcho Shokolarov decided to try Busato with a shot from a long distance. The ball bounced slightly in front of the Brazilian goalkeeper and made it as hard as possible. However, his intervention was loud and he managed to kill.

34 ′

Ndelev was injured! The bigger problem for Botte, even after the lag in the result, was in fact a quarter of an hour before the break. The leader of the host Todor Nedeliev had three pains in his left knee, and during his last fall on the grass, the magic midfielder himself said: “I can not do this anymore!”. All this forced the coaching bank of the “Canaries” to play Chris Dobrev.

28 ′

First yellow card in the match. He gets it Thiago By CSKA.

22 ′

ALI SOU !! Immediately after the center’s performance, CSKA came close to scoring a second goal. Ali Sow went between 80% of Botev’s entire defensive formation and shot hard with his left foot. To the delight of the hosts, his powerful gesture stopped in the body of Victor Genev.

21 ′

GOAL FOR CSKA !!! 0: 1 !! TIBIO VION !! Bruno Akrapovic’s team improved to an advantage in the 21st minute. Tiago passed the ball between the legs of Shokolarov, near the outline. An attempt was made to pass it to Sou, but after touching Rabotov’s foot, the ball reached the lurking Thibaut Vion. The French midfielder did not wait for a second invitation and with a powerful shot under the crossbar made it 0: 1.

19 ′

A quick counter attack by KSCA, but Thibaut Vion failed the action, centering disappointed in the hands of Argilashki.

12 ′

Chance for BOTEV! Although the initial moments were subject to the “red” superiority, Botev’s team was the one that created a clear goal position for Komatevo for the set. Todor Nedelev matted the CSKA defense with a perfect passing pass for Tsikarski, who jumped behind the disoriented Vion. However, the northern Macedonian disappointed with his final shot, which is far from Busato’s unprotected corner.

8 ′

The pressure of the “army” continued and soon afterwards they were given a good opportunity to shoot from a filth, placed on the brink of punishment. Jefferson tried his luck but his left-footed shot hit the head of Atanas Iliev, who was in the wall.

2 ′

KSCA demonstrated that for them this match is in the pillar “mandatory to win”, as in the 30th second Tiago made a relatively dangerous kick on the ground, which passed through the right crossbar of Georgi Argilashki.

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See who is the favorite in the match!

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Start of the collision!

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