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Blushes are crazy about jealousy! See the culprit


Asen leafcheki, who spent two years wandering between his ex-wife Katerina and the model of Diana Papua, and a year ago, chose to join the second, was extremely jealous. He strongly opposed the idea that the model, which gave birth to his son, was shot in an intimate scene with another person.

The songwriter, composer and musician Danny Milev invited Dianana to participate in the clip for his new hit "It You". The video recreates the love story of Dianana and Asen as a short black and white film story. The song about love between the actor and the model has been passed through all sorts of trials and obstacles in recent years, it is quite a feeling to be feeling, writes Weekend.

Dianana with a sincere heart to participate, but the original idea is in her role as Danny Milev's lover. When he realized that there would be naked scenes in the jet, Blakechi reacted rather violently and was categorical: "Absurd! Or you're either getting rid of me or dismissing it!"

Diliana explains Dani's situation, and he has the 48-year-old actor.

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