Antonia Petrova: I was born naturally


Antonia Petrova-Batinkova, whose mother was born on her first day, birth. That's what the happy mother tells you.

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"I was born naturally, I'm very proud", Revealed Mr. Batinkova.

The happy event came to a desirable and fundamental day for the family. The 17th and most important day for Batinovy, in personal terms for Ivalo myself, as well as in the history of love and family affiliation. They met by accident on the same day in March 2018, and on June 17 they were angry with everlasting fidelity.

Recently, it became clear that Caesarean section became a global epidemic. In Bulgaria, every second woman brought cesarean, and according to NHIF data in some hospitals, the rate of surgery with surgery reached 100%.

At the end of last year, those who warned millions of women were at risk of Caesarean birth, which was not required for medical reasons. According to the organization, this operation has negative consequences for the mother and for the newborn. The risk of miscarriages in subsequent pregnancy increases in the woman after surgery. As for babies, the SeaSarean section is associated with an increased risk of hospitalization in intensive care units for newborns with increased asthma and obesity risk, warn medical experts.

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