Anita Maiser writes: I'm a bird I shoot with a cannon


Anita Maiser in Court Photo: Archives

"I feel like a bird on which I shoot with a cannon, I am not to blame for my husband's death, I did not kill a man, it is not possible to do that," Anita Miserer complained to. The Supreme Court. The case of the death of her husband Nikolay Dimov reached the Supreme Registers after being watched by the Varna District Court and the Varna Court of Appeals. From the second case, Maiser received 3 years in prison for causing negligence and for bribing a policeman.

Before the Supreme Court today she was very emotional again and wanted to share with the judges some of her reflections on her state at the moment. "My child and I wonder where to hide," she explained. On the occasion of the bribe, she said she did not offer it, and when she bought water, she gave her 50 levies to pay her. "I am a noble man, but everything is corrupt."

At the end of her defense statement, Maiser called and explained that she was very shaky after her husband's death and who she told her she would say. Maasher explains that it is not possible for anyone to put pork skulls on her husband.

Dimov died when he tried to get rid of the Pig Ek, which he had trained for an upcoming race.

The Office of the Prosecutor would like to see this case remedied and resolved to get a bigger penalty. The court will determine the definitive within a month.

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