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The United States launches the Rivian Automotive launched by McLaren and Harley-Davidson on the front of the screen, representing its model – R1T electric pickup. The price of this product is 2020, which will be offered at a price of $ 61,500. The popularity of the Okanano pickup is R1T, which has many potential patents, which offer a lot of sophisticated power and a great deal of price, which is not too expensive high.

Dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class range: 135 mm in diameter and 95 mm wide, with a diameter of 75 mm from X-Class (3075 to 3150 mm) . With a 360 mm clearance and a slip on the gas from 1 meter, Rivian R1T is equipped with a variety of high quality. Guarantee for the trip to the sunset and departure from the 34 and 30 degrees.

The Rivian cruise ship is 350 lt luggage, located between the cannabis and the legends. More than one luggage is available at the place where the driver is positioned on the front of the carriage. Обемът му е 330 литра. The productivity of the model is 800kg, which can be reached at 3500kg.

Here, you will be able to access the most important parameter for a single electromobile. It is used as an electromagnet device that has a total capacity of 760 k.s. and 1120 Нм въртящ момент в най-мощната си версии (на 147 kW на колеля). Finally, the Rivian R1T will be available in the version: 300 kW (560 Nm), 562 kW and 522 kW. Everyone has the power to make the most of it's the best-genre version. They are three, whose capitals are 103, 135 and 180 kWh. The speed of the pickup will jump from 0 to 96 km / h in the 4,9, 3 and 3,2 seconds, and the maximal speed of the version will be 160 km / h. It is also a fact that the biggest bomber lithium-ion batteries will be able to cover up to 640 km, the nearest molkata – about 400 km.

It is a very good block of lithium-ion batteries, and the podcap is subdivided with clay and carbon. R1T is designed for adaptive pneumatic noise.

The manufacture of furniture will be manufactured in Mitsubishi Motors factory in Normal, Ilino. Minolata of the year is bought for 16 million dollar. Self-employed Potentiometer – 350,000 KW of yearly, plans to reach Rivian with up to 50,000 pc per day for 2025

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