Aiman ​​Belaid arrested the self-sentence with Valery Bosinov after the murder of Levsky from Boteev (Vr)


The defender of the Belaid Aymen Belaid was arrested by the police officer Valeri Bozhin, following the defeat of Boteev (Vratsa) with 1: 3 on "Gerna" in the case of the death penalty.

In addition, Bojygol has been blocked for two guest reviews, and one of them will be added to Valery Domovchyski, who has developed the mood in the "Blue Sky".

Ботев (Враца) подчини Левски с 3: 1 насред

The Beatles populated the Amphibian ambitions on the Levski, Botev (Vratsa) with the sense of success of the "Gerena"!

Новаците в Първа лига постигнаха зметна победа с 3: 1

The "Meridiane Mait" prime minister, who was arrested at the cemetery, was in full force at the guest's house and began to visit the Bozhnov. Дори потърсил самозоправа с того. One of the officers of the military leader on Illyrian Vasilev was arrested in the United States. The door was blown away from the stairs.

It's been a long time since the senior team of Botsw Sasha Angela has been defeated for his victory, as a result of the 65th anniversary of Thaam's failure to settle. Then the officer said in a statement, "Do not go back, do not worry about it." From the outset, you will see who the man who has been spotted in the twilight.

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