After the cessation of cigarettes, 16 years of age should be restored to health


Former smokers need 16 years to normalize their health. This is confirmed by data from the Fremingham study, reported by Medical Express and BGNews.

Experts analyzed the health status of 8,700 volunteers. All participants had no cardiovascular disease at the start of observations. On average, volunteers have been explored for 27 years. The researchers compared risk indicators for heart disease and blood vessel diseases in smokers, ex-smokers, and non-smokers.

It turned out that 70% of cases occurred in smokers or former smokers who smoked cigarettes daily. For those who abandoned the habit, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease decreased by 38%.

Data are compared with data from volunteers who continued to use tobacco products. Generally To normalize health indicators, it took 16 years of cessation of smoking.

Meredith Duncan, study author, says the benefits of smoking cessation are already noticeable in the first five years.

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