Above: Dembele was covered, Barca was looking for an hour and a half


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The tension between Osman Dembela and Barcelona continues to increase as the club has not found a football player for an hour and a half.

The second most expensive purchase in the history of the club was missed by yesterday's training for gastroenteritis, but its absence had a prehistory.

According to RAC1, Dembele was required for 90 minutes by Catalans, as he did not report his absence during his career. He finally found it at home.

The medical team immediately visited the football player in his home, where he was examined, and found himself suffering from abdominal pain.

This is another example when a youth violates discipline. It often recognizes training or meetings that analyze the performance of the team.

Last week, Dembele played an important role in 1: 2 to 3: 2 with Ray Vallecan, who equaled the result just before regular time.

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