A third defendant is still in custody for attacking Burgas photographer


The Burgas District Court ordered a custodial detention against Danail Stefanov, who was accused of bribery.

The 33-year-old Stefanov, known as Dundee, is the third defendant who, on 14 October this year, protects the house of Burgas's photographer Borislav Penkov, fortunately without injured people. Dundito believes "drowned", although the police told the court that his DNA was found in the arsenal.

Unknown faces illuminated the door of the photographer's apartment Borislav Penkov's newspaper "Black Sea Lighthouse".
The fire happened …

But the main guilty party is Petar Biberov-Kefteto. Penkov was attacked for attack and blow. Penkov himself announced that 50,000 Leva could sue him – because Kefteto attacked him while shooting a burnt-out restaurant. Another accused is Roumen Yanakiev, who is considered to be the actual physical perpetrator.
The court may file an appeal or appeal to the Burgas District Court, the Burgas court announced.

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