5000 Leva and Gerbber Gerber for Ninova's Birthday – Donating to the Olympics in Mathematics (Obzor)


The staff of the staff, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, was named Cornelius Ninova with a yellow gerber.

The Sozlings also bought in Parliament, and Positano. The president congratulated her Phone and address

5000 leva and Gerbera Gel offered to Tsvetan Tsvetanov to the birth of Cornelius Nina on behalf of the Gerbium group.

The Social Woman has a delicious cocktail in parliament's MPs from all ages for her 50th anniversary. But she didn't want flowers and gifts, but she put a red box of money to donate to national math and information teams.

Tsvetanov explained that Ninova's idea was appealing to Gerb, so it was a joy to spend the large amount. He wanted to make Ninova sound and happy, but he did not delay his hope that "by joining the 50-plus team of politicians, she would show more wisdom and constructiveness and together we will build Bulgaria's future success."

3000 leva donated the group to Veseline Mareshki, 1000 leva given the title. The reds are counted each with their own envelope and not a total of the group's money.

Ninova herself said that for you the day is like everyone else – between parliament and party headquarters, and she does not feel anything special since the age of 50, she does not experience this age dramatically. You want your health. Ninova said that the decision to raise funds for young mathematicians took a small sentiment, as her son Raphael was a captain of the national mathematical team years ago. He is already working in the US. There.

After the parliament, the socialist celebrating Pozitano 20. President Rumena Radev congratulated her on the phone and greeted her well and the cousin Ilyana Iotova was personally headquartered. Ninova is welcomed by many mayors, comrades and businessmen.

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