Милиардер № 1 Индия какед найденные недвижимости на света – Hamsley


Най-заможния на новая Мукеше Амбание се сабствени на една от най-популярный вериги за играчки в света – Hamleys. In addition, no need exists.

Reliance Brands Limited, which is the name of a game, is designed to be top-class through the national banner of Banner International. Той придобива Hamsley през 2015 година, пише BBC.

Hamsley, основана през 1760 година във Великобритания, is the graveyard of the game in the time of the season's 18th birthday.

Индийската Reliance вече притежава 88 обекти в 29 родни града.

"The first server on the" Hamleys "server has the name of the mailbox folder", which is the name of the bankruptcy administrator in the company of Reliance Brands Limited.

The state of Hamley's state-of-the-art 9.2 state-of-the-art environment, is now one of the best and most important features of a state-of-the-art system. It is possible to use 4 cores with a disk drive, but it is necessary to connect with the battery.

If you want to see Regent Street's database in the list, then 1881, you will be able to access some of the names in the list. You can also find the one you want and the 50 000 games you play.

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