Videos Record Attack Against Attack Of Car Deputy Martha Rocha In Rio | New Orleans, Louisiana Hotels


The content of the videos registers the parliamentary arrival of her mother's house and then leaves this place. Then Martha Rocha gets into the car and goes to church. Then the bandits & # 39; car crosses the pedestrians & # 39; Vehicle and they shoot at the car.

The investigation by the capital Homicidal Office (DH-Capital) has concluded an attack on the parliamentarian, and now the line is followed by the attempted robbery – theft followed by death.

Solution filed in court - photo: policeSolution filed in court - photo: police

Solution filed in court – photo: police

"With 72 hours, the Rio de Janeiro civilian police have no doubt that it is not an attempt to attack reality with the deputy Martha Rocha. We are clearly without a doubt at the moment, stating that it is an attempt of theft," Has DH-Capital's main delineation, Guiton lag.

The deputy explained that, at first, the case began as a tried thief. However, when suspects fired at the deputy's car, a thief was tried. He also said at least three criminals were involved in the fight.

"We have been consolidated at least two shooters – a 5.56 gun, possibly a B-16, and a .40 caliber gun, which is the shooter in the backseat. Shotgun," said Lags.

After leaving the police station on Wednesday afternoon, the deputy said she would keep the routine out of work and not "take".

"I want to say that, as hard as it may be, I refuse to be pissed into this fact. I kept my routine, I'm working, I'm going to allergy, I'm keeping my schedule. Spreading freely at 9:15 AM on Sunday (13) was taken away from the streets, "he said.

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