Today, Gas has a 8.5-percent change – Diario del Grande ABC


Today, according to Petrobras, the price of gas cylinders will be adjusted by 8.5% in the refinery. This figure virtually doubles the IPCA (a wider consumer price index), the official inflation indicator in the country, which rose by 4.53% in the last twelve months. The difference is even greater if we consider the index 2018, which is 3.34%.

According to Asmirg-BR (Brazilian LPG Dealers Association), the value of a 13 kilogram bottle for the consumer should be more expensive than R $ 3 and R $ 6. As in the large ABC, the average price is R 68.06, according to ANP (National the agency for oil, natural gas and biofuels) and restructured can reach up to R $ 74.06.

For President of the Association Alexandre Jose Borjaili, the value of the transfer depends on the variation of the costs of each company, brand and location. "Usually, we need to fluctuate between R $ 3 and R $ 6 from our history, increasing the dealer's businesses and transferring this entire blow to the consumer because they can no longer absorb these increases." If the dealer does not cross, he is financially threatened. that this increase in the illegal market ends in a cheap price, which is expensive, "he said, adding that this year needs to be further adjusted, as countries need to increase the factor for the calculation of ICMS (Tax on the circulation of goods and services) of cooking gas.

The owner of a gas seller in Jardim Bom Pastor, Santo André, Salomão Camilo de Carvalho, 37, said he would expect the percentage to go to the value of the product. "I believe it comes on average for R $ 3. Today, the market is very competitive, so even if I lower or rebalance the price, it's also competing. You're currently viewing $ 58 in cash and $ 60 on the card. this discount, for example, but we will still wait for a new value to see if we go or absorb it, "he said.

Petrobras, which used the latest adjustment in July, said that the new price means an adjustment of R $ 1.97 compared with the current R $ 23.10 (refinery price) for LPG (LPG) residential. "The devaluation of the real dollar versus the increase in international prices of LPG was the main factor for the increase. The reference remains the average propane and butane sold on the European market, plus a 5% margin," the company said in a statement. She also explained that 34% of the final consumer value corresponds to Petrobras and that there are other external variables.

The coordinator of the administration course at the Mauá Institute of Technology, Ricardo Balistiero, said that lower-income families would have to suffer more from adapting an object that is considered basic in the home. In his opinion, he should have a major impact on the reduction in the purchasing power of families.

"We are still in the process of slow economic recovery, where employment is not responding, as it should. The purchasing power must be lower. I realize that this, which is passed on to the final consumer, has a strong impact on income, so it is possible some of the daily accounts are no longer paid, for example. In addition, restaurants that consume more for cooking gas and should have implications for inflation are also affected, "he said.

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