Time does not stop: Marocas saves Emilio's life


Time for not: Marokas saves Emily's life - Press release / TV Globo / Time Not For

Also with Emilie's anger (João Baldasserini), mainly because of the extortion she suffered, Marocas (Juliana Paiva) must be responsible for saving the life of a villain, in this Thursday chapter (8) time, not for the current novel from 19:00 Globo.

All because the protagonist finds a way to prevent a professional killer who has hired nothing but Baron (Rui Ricardo Diaz) to end the life of his current fiancé.

Check out the full summary of today's soap:

Marocas tells Florencia that she is against any form of violence. Vanda tells Samuks that SamVita accounts are blocked to pay laudemia. Cairu accepts that he works as a model in the collection of Marocas clothing. It is suggested to Carmen to make available personal salaries to pay employees. Baron orders Florencia to end Emily. Belém asks Emily to resign. At the meeting of the management board of SamVita, Dom Sabino announces that it is the new shareholder of the company. Dom Sabino assumes Carmen and Marocas that he made a mistake when he tried to divorce Samuco's daughter and revealed that Samvita wanted to help her ascend again. Marocas tries to prevent the matador hired by Baron to take Emily's life.

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