Thing 2 is more bloody and scary, says the writer


There: The thing 2 It's more bloody and scary, according to interviewers Gary Dauberman To these Hollywood reporter. The trailer released last Thursday (9) seems to have made at least some of what it means, since Jessica ChastainThe translator of the adult version of Beverly, is in a place full of blood. See:

Chastain himself has advanced a bit from what Daberman has done. Earlier this year, she said There: The thing 2 Will have the scene of more blood in a horror movie – probably the moment above.

After the interview with Thr, Daberman explained the sequence of the sequence with the 2017 feature. "The two films look like one. [A sequência] Seems to be a natural progression and an extension of the first. "

That: the thing Beat theaters in September 2017 and grow $ 688 million into the world box office. The sequential heat in September 6, 2019learn more.

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