"The Farm" 10+ Connected: Vote in Leo and Raphael moves the questionnaire

"The farm" training of the countryside and voting in the survey: Who should stay on "the farm"? The ninth grave of this publication began on Monday night, 19/11, when the presenter Marcos Mion called the pedestrians to the voting area. With the result of the review, the owner of the power of the red flame chosen between immunity to the indication of the farmer or immunity to the voting of the pedestrians. Felipe opened the lamp and took the powers. Felipe took the power of the red flame, chose the immunity of the pedestrians, and gave the power of the blue flame to John. The Kaik Farmer pointed out John to the field.

The pedestrians presented their votes to the competitors of the venue: John, Leo and Felipe Voted for Raphael, Voted for Leo. Evando voted for Leo. Cátia voted for Evando. With the power of the Blue Flame, John immunized Felipe in the game of RESTA one. Raphael rescue Evando, who saved Katia. Leo was not saved and went to the fields. Leo, Joãnã and Rafael have produced the new farm and competed for the Farmer's race on Tuesday (20). These pawns have to have agility and strength to overcome the obstacle course and assemble the puzzle. João won the race and became the Farmer of the Week. Leo and Rafael affirm the public's liberty to continue in "the farm". Participate in the contract on "The Farm" 10:

If you do not see the "Farm" 10 survey, click on the link "Farm 10": Vote in Leo and Raphael move the questionnaire.

The valid vote was recorded in the official portal of the program "The Farm" 10 + Connected Network Record.

The "10 +" farms are connected

Water Team – Lao Stronda and Kaique Aguarar. Luane Dias; Gabi Prado; Fernanda Lacerda; Pearl; Ana Paula Renault and Nadja Pessoa are removed from the game.

Team Terra – Rafael Ilha; Evandro Santo; Felipe Sertanejo; Cátia Paganote and João Zoli. Sando Pedroso, Aloicio Chulapa and Veda Watts are eliminated from the game.

Edit the record "10 +" farm

The production of record together with the producer's signature established the calendar of works of this time of "The Farm": The attraction will begin this week with the Roza Formation, in which a farmer will be nominated by the Farmer, the second by The most voted participant of the headquarters and the third, chosen by the second person who is in the field, who will have the right to indicate someone from the bay.

In place of the key question, enter the fire proof, in which the winner accepts special powers for himself and another pawn.

On Tuesday, it will be the day of the Farmer's Trail, in which the three partners enter the dispute. The farmer will give orders for the house, gain immunity for another week, escape from roça and still indicate a pace the following week.

On Wednesday, the best moments of the day will be shown, but Thursday will be Elimination Day. Friday will have the Fire Test with the indicated members of each group, on Saturday they will have fun at the party and on Sunday, it will be a special activity.


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