Rebel actors and other Mexican novels cheat conservatism and engage gay relationships – TV Spotlight


Christian Chavez (Photo: Divulgação)
Christian Chavez in Rebel (Photo: Divulgação)

Actress of great Mexican romances exhibited in Brazil, actors such as Christian Chávez Decided to confront their own country's conservatism to assume their sexuality and be happy. As Mexico is an extremely religious country, they have been severely criticized.

+ Ex-RBD Christian Chavez comes to Brazil to enjoy singles life, talks about the band and makes unbelievable revelation

Ebony de Rebelde, a soap opera hit in Brazil, Christian had to hold a gallant pose this year, as there was a legion of fans and the pressure was too great. His life was distorted, when a journalist told Canadian actors' photos with BJ's hairdresser and leaked in the press after blackmailing the artist.

+ Ex-RBD Christian Chavez does not accept Rebel's new series of failures

Since there is nothing more to deny, the actor claimed to be gay and since then always lift the flag of the rainbow so the whole community feels represented due to its great influence.

Soon to come to Brazil, Christian Chavez said he did not dispense with flirting in the country. "I am one. I don't think I do not know much about the relationship with the fans. I think a little crazy, and I want to enjoy the night in Rio. If I have time, I think so. But I do. Don't know if I will, "he mused. He has been with Rebel for over 10 years.

Another Mexican celebrity victim of Polo MorinIt was part of the youth 's musician' s soap opera and ended up with naked videos and pictures spread over the Internet. In 2014, a video of the heartbeat masturbation appeared, and in 2016, photos in a mood of romance with the also actor Lambda Garcia were revealed and his sexuality was exposed.

In a live broadcast on Facebook, The Blonde lamented the situation: "I find it very sad to live in a company where this topic is. [a sexualidade] So important, to the point of someone hacking my profile to try and hurt me. These pictures are personal and should not be available on a social network. "

He continued: "If someone asks me," Polo Morin, are you cheerful? & # 39 ;, I would not say, I'm not cheerful, I'm just a man who loves. I am very proud to be what I am and to have so many people around me who love me. "

Although he did not take up anything at the time, the two are declared in social networks in 2017. "Live for you, smile and enjoy life," he wrote in the legend of a click on Instagram. Polo was part of the figure of soap opera Miu Coração é Seu, featured on SBT.

Polo Marina and Lambda Garcia (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
Polo Marina and Lambda Garcia (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Felipe Neraera is another actor, who loved the success of the "Rebel" in addition to being well-known in Mexico for his work. He found love in the theater producer Jaime Moreles and was married when the Mexican constitution passed the same-sex marriage. They were the first homosexual couple to adopt a child in their country.

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