PSG: The club confirms racial discrimination in the base after filling Football Leaks – football



The leakage of confidential information by Football Leax was once again placed in Paris Saint-Germain. Documents published by the website published by the French newspaper Mediapart on Thursday (8) mean that the club used racial discrimination in order to select players for the basic categories. Hours after publication, the PSG confirmed the credibility of the charge.

Between 2013 and 2018, the PSG set four "escalations" to evaluate young candidates for the integration of the following teams: "French" (white), "North Africa", "Antilles" and "African".

In 2014, Yann Gboho, half of the French Sub-17, who was born in Côte d'Ivoire, was employed by this classification method, based on the color of skin on which the basis of the club would become veto. Currently, 17-year-old defends Rennes B.

Marc Westerloppe, one of those responsible for evaluating young talents in the PSG, said that basic categories should "balance diversity" due to the greater presence of players of African or Caribbean origin.

In a statement posted on his website, the French club confirmed the practice, but stressed that the decision was exclusively from Westerloppe without the consent of the council. PSG claims that in October it detected an instance of the launch of an investigation to determine how it worked out a player's choice.

"The Directorate-General of the Club has never been aware of or approved the ethnic registration system in the employment department. According to the above information, these forms are issued by the spirit and values ​​of Paris Saint-Germain," the statement said.

The PSG also explained that it was awaiting the completion of the investigations, but said that it had already adopted some internal measures to combat racial discrimination, such as the development of a new methodology for the employment of basic categories and the code of ethics to be used by employees.

Racial discrimination is a recurring claim in a European country. In 2011, the French Football Association was accused of setting up a "quota system" for the descendants of Arabs and Africans in its primary and main election. Some French football stars, such as Zinedine Zidane and Karim Bemnzema of Algerian origin, do not sing the national anthem before official games.

The version was a trademark of the French national team, which won the last World Cup in Russia. Fifteen of 23, called by coach Didier Deschamps, have foreign ancestors.

The PSG has recently targeted two leaks from Football Leaks: a fraud that has bypassed the financially fair game of UEFA and the "pampering" offered to Mbappé to sign a contract with the French striker with Monaco.

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