Prostate cancer: 12 characters to stay alert


Prostate cancer, the most common type among men, is the cause of death by another 13,000 people a year, according to the National Institute of Cancer. Factors such as heredity, age (after age 50), poor nutrition, obesity and unhealthy habits – excessive alcohol consumption and smoking – make a person more prone to developing a disease.

According to dr. Leonard Oter Pertusier, Senior Urologist and Coordinator of Urology's Check-up, ensures that prostate cancer has a treatment level of up to 90% if diagnosed early.

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He also noted the importance of the annual review of the prostate, which includes a rectum test and a blood test to check the dosage of PSA (prostate-specific antigens).

In the initial phase, prostate cancer is slowly taking place and almost always without symptoms and silence – which increases the importance of occasional screening, which allows early diagnosis. Check out the main symptoms:

1- Problem with introducing urine;
2- The problem of stopping the action of urination;
3- Urinate in drops or sequential nozzles;
4- Need for emergency to keep urine;
5- It is urgent to urinate immediately;
6- Feeling of pain in the lower back or pelvic floor (under bruises);
7- Blood in the urine or sperm;
8- Pain during urine;
9- Pain in ejaculation;
10- Pain in fashion;
11- Pain in the back, in the pool or in the knees;
12- Bleeding through the urethra.

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