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Olivia has improved over time, but declined to 22, after the FP3 in Barcelona


Miguel Olivia has reached the end of the first three MotoGP sessions in Catalonia at 22nd in the combined table. Although he has improved his mark this morning on PHP 3, it is not enough for the Red Bull KTM Tech 3 to stay in the top 20 he was in at the end of Friday.

In the first hour, the Portuguese came into the top 15, but quickly lost positions and even improved their market, ending up in the 24th position, which occupied the pits first. Then it was the first quarter of an hour.

This was a short stay through the garage and, on the way back, Oliveira was quick to improve its session mark. However, he didn't leave 24 and was more than four tenths of his best yesterday. In this second stint, # 88 completed six timed laps running consistently at 1m42s.

Already in the last five minutes, the latest series of Oliveira started in this PHP 3, where it would still try to improve its 24th place in the session and 23 in the combined table. And he did it quickly with his final return, removed to 1m 41,102 to reach 22 of the combined table and 22 of the training.

Round 1: Exit to the track
Round 2: 1m42.928s 14th
Round 3: 1M42,410S
Round 4: 1m42,193s
Pink 5: 1m42,234s
Round 6: 1m42,077s
Round 7: 1m41,940s
Run 8: Entry into the pits

Turn 9: Exit to the Track
Round 10: 1m42,318s
Round 11: 1m41,790s
Round 12: 1m42,161s
Round 13: 1M45,818S
Round 14: 1m42,358s
Round 15: 1m42,639s
Round 16: Entry into the pits

Jump 17: Exit to the track
Rap 18: 1m53,157s
Round 19: 1m42,228s
Turn 20: 1m41,102s (end of session / chess flag)

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