Netizens are asking for their sister's elimination after the first trick in the program


Oh BBB19 Beginning on Tuesday (15), started with several polemics. The participant Fabio was not even able to enter the most watched house in the globe hiding country, which has a sponsorship. Brother Wandererson is accused of attack by three women, invested in the crimes, and all indications are that it will be one of the most elusive in overpopulation.

The friendly atmosphere of the brothers approaches climate change and mistrust. The first trick of this edition is at dawn on Friday (18). Everything happened after Isabella He has determined that he should talk to his colleagues about solving some brother's problems. The blonde said she was asleep and could not fall asleep with the noise Radrio and Gustava.

In conversation with Teresa, the young woman reported this problem saying that she would ask Rodrigo to go back from the room so that she and other brothers bothered by the situation could sleep.

The Snow Tour is bullshit at BBB19

The out-of-the-box psychoanalyst decided to be the spokeswoman for Isabella, the most uncomfortable of the situation, and talked to colleagues who were outside the house.

There, she said she understood that Rodrigo's side, but that he needed another room to sleep, so that people with light sleep could sleep peacefully. Demonstrating the embarrassment of being the sole target of the meeting, Ridado accepted this exchange and asked to finish the conversation.

The blonde was sleeping in the opposite room of the brother, but soon realized that not only was he the problem, other brothers were snoring in the room. She then decided to go back to the room where she told Rodrigo to sleep.

The move made by Isabella just focused on radios generated by Internet users from the HighGag #foraisabella That the blonde is eliminated from the program.

Not only were the descendants of the collection, Hannah and Gabriela, radiant friends surviving, fearing that their sister had complained to the human rights professor.

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