Microsoft 365: plans for a new subscription service exist second Satia Nadella


At the end of last year we saw for the first time the rumor that Microsoft could be preparing to launch a new subscription service in the same way already seen in Office 365, which would include a Windows 10 license for users who opted for this type of service. Of service.

This idea in itself is not quite new, considering that so-called Microsoft 365 has been a number of times for corporate clients, with just under $ 90 per month charged to make available not only the Office suite but also other companies Solutions such as Email, OneDrive storage, and the ability to upgrade a device with earlier distributions of the operating system to Windows 10.

In addition to the sound, today we have the appearance of the statement by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, when asked by a consumer, implying that it is really planning to bring Microsoft 365 to consumers as well.

"So I would say that Surface is a brand that we do with Office 365 or talk about it as Microsoft 365 Consumer Signatures, it would be completely consumer business again"

Despite this, the Notella did not explain what the services that included the Microsoft 365 package for consumers, and even those who think that the commentary in question is merely a reminder of Office 365.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft does not have as much attachment to product names, which may be given the example of the email service that has been called Hotmail, Live Mail and now, Outlook or the cloud storage service that is already called Skydrive and is now Known as OneDrive.

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