Korinthians find it an "absurd" request for an attachment to the World Cup


According to the club, the request was intended only to create consequences in the media

state agency

The Corinthians issued a formal statement Wednesday that they opposed a petition filed by Santanens Institute for the destruction of the World Cup FIFA Club 2012. The club rated an absurd attempt "with the sole aim of creating an unreasonable media effect".

The action of the company is the answer to the latest letters accompanying the bilateral procedure. Originally, the court found that the $ 20 million Rhonda attribution received by Corinthians from Copa Brazil was $ 2.48 million.

However, CBF stated in the statement that the award was canceled one day before the club received a summons. The Corinthians received $ 10 million before the end against Cruzeir, and the remainder at 22:00 on October 22 of the same day that the seizure took place. The calls were officially arrived in Corinthians the next day.

The Santanense Institute lodged a petition for mooring in court on October 17, on the day of the decision of the Brazilian Cup against Cruzeiro. The process is old and has been implemented since 2010. It relates to a partnership in which the Corinthians surrendered part of the São Jorge Park so that the university could offer instruction in the field of physical education. However, the contract violated the club, which gave the same place in the same church.

The amount charged by Instituto Santanense relates to a breach of the contract. In September, the hearing was trying to reach an agreement, but there was no understanding. At that time, the university asked for $ 4.1 million. Corinthians charged the previous debt in 2008 with a sponsorship that was successful and not paid. The club requires 1.2 million dollars.

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