In opposite situations, Ceará and Internacional meet in Castelão

Sunday afternoon, Internacional and Ceará challenge the decisive match in Brasileirão. If a vehicle tries to move away from the far off area, Colorado will continue to persecute Palmeiras.

BRAZIL PRESENTATION: Ceará v. Internacional

BRAZIL PRESENTATION: Ceará v. Internacional

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After 32 rounds, Ceará is in 15th place, with 37 points, three over Z4. Inter is vice president, 61 points, five for Verdach.

On the Ceará sites, the climate is reliable. Despite falling back in the final round, Vozão remains with the safe edge of the descent zone, while the league relies on the Castelão factor. Since the return of Lisca, the team has not lost the stadium.

There are three news items in the setup. Samuel Xavier, from the game against Sport for a contractual issue, returns to the team with Richardson and Edinho, who have suspended the suspension and are confirmed at the outset.

Inter dream with the title

In the vice-presidency, Brasileirão Internacional goes to the north-east to preserve a dream in order to win the national title. Coach Odair Hellmann knows the problem he encountered outside his home and has played a lot of players throughout the week.

For the game this Saturday, Colorado won the abuse of Rodrigo Moleda. Defender felt muscular discomfort, so Emerson Santos won the initial setup.

Probable layouts:

Ceará: Everson; Samuel Xavier, Tiago Alves, Luiz Otavio and Felipe Jonathan; Edinho, Richardson, Ricardinho and Calyson; Arthur and Leandro Carvalho. Technique: Lisca.International: Marcelo Lomba; Fabiano, Emerson Santos, Victor Cuesta and Iago; Rodrigo Dourado, Edenílson, D? Alessandro, Nico Lopez and Patrick; Leandro Damião. Coach: Odair Hellmann


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