Ibovespa speeds up its loss and withdraws about 2% after a federal government decision; the dollar reaches R $ 3.76


Jerome Powell

SÃO PAULO – Ibnessa accelerated the correction movement at the third consecutive session of the contraction and again decreased by about 2% in this final part of the trading, with investors overcoming the decision of the central bank on monetary policy and the fall of Petrobras shares (PETR4).

After 1736 GMT, the B3 major stock index fell by 1.91% to 86,043 points, while the futures contract with maturity in December rose by 0.58% to $ 3,758, given the positive signalization of the US championship in the economy, as the market , which will increase in the account 3, in the next year increased.

As expected, FOMC decided to keep the interest rate between 2% and 2.25%, as it strengthened the positive expectations of the US economy, indicating a strong impetus in the labor market. Last month, 250,000 jobs were created in the US, well above the market expectations of 180,000 jobs. In addition, the unemployment rate was 3.7%, which is the lowest level since December 1969.

In addition to a vision for the economy, which naturally increases the likelihood of rising interest rates, two important details create a "panic" in the markets. The Fed's statement did not raise any concerns about the sharp fall in stock markets in the US, as investors expected and could point to a slower pace of rising interest rates and adjusting expectations for future meetings.

According to the Chicago Stock Exchange, investors predict 2 increases next year and another message hawkish members of the Fed, without opening bias dovish, investors are rushing to adjust their expectations to increase to three heights as well as signaling the "Table of Points" – this chart reveals Fomca's projections for future interest rates in subsequent meetings, that is, how many expectations are expected – Fed himself.

Political News

According to Estadão, who is facing the difficulties of the Congress to approve the pension reform this year, Jair Bolsonaro is already in the "light" version of the text, which consists of proposals that are independent of the changes in the constitution. "We have to see this (the proposal) that takes place in Parliament and in the Senate," the president said.

Still on the reform column Panel Folha de S. Paulo says that Temer and Bolsonaro discussed the issue the previous day. In the meantime, the team of the elected President is already returning to Parliament for approval. According to the newspaper, the future head of the National House, Onyx Lorenzoni, recruited a group of influential members of the old guard house to voice the vote.

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After confirmation by Teresa Cristina for the Ministry of Agriculture, Luís Fernando Serra and Graça Lima state that they are running Itamaraty, while in Valor's opinion she was quoted as saying by Caixa Econômic, Ana Paula Vescovi. In addition, Mansueta Almeida would be invited to remain in government.

According to the press, Paulo Guedes is considering the names of former Mário Mesquita BC from Itaúj and Beny Parnes of the SPX, as well as Roberto Campos Neto, director of Santander, and current director of BC Carlos Viana.

Already yesterday, with 41 votes in favor and 16 against the Senate, it approved a "tariff bomb" that repeats the salaries of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) ministers by 16%, with compensation ranging from $ 33.7 to $ R 39.2 thousand. Bill is now a presidential sanction.

The value received by the ministers is considered to be the ceiling for the civil service in Brazil and thus a cascading effect occurs, which will affect the accounts of countries and municipalities in the amount of US $ 4 billion in 2019, in accordance with the budget consultations in the Chamber and the Senate.

The Federal Police filled the streets of Rio de Janeiro arrest warrants against ten MEPs and another 12 people in the operation Operation Furna da Onça, the installation of Operation Lava Jato.

Investigate the system for purchasing political support from Members. Seven deputies are for the first time investigated, while the rest of Jorge Picciani, Paulo Mello and Edson Albertassi, all MDBs, have been imprisoned for nearly a year.

Characteristics of stocks

The highest number of victims among the shares that make up Iboverspa are:

Cód. Active Cot R $ Dan % Year Vol1
ESTC3 STATION PARTON 20.73 -8.64 -36.25 291.76M
CIEL3 CIELO ON 11.17 -8.52 -49.22 249.21M
BRFS3 BRF SA ON 21,20 -4.68 -42.08 114.29M
LBR3 MAINTENANCE ON 20.60 -4.63 +3.55 52.60M
KROT3 KROTON ON 11.00 -4.18 -38.55 82.26M

The largest increase in the shares that make up Iboverspa are:

Cód. Active Cot R $ Dan % Year Vol1
CPLE6 COPEL PNB 27.52 +1.59 +10.75 26.49M
CSNA3 SID NACIONALON 9.89 +0.71 +18.02 132.07M
VALE3 VALE ON 57.86 0.47 +49.54 762.88M
VIVT4 TELEF BRASILPN 44.01 +0.46 -2,32 71.90M
SANB11 SANTANDER BRUNT 41.55 +0.44 +34.19 32.28M
* – A lot of thousands of shares
1 – In Reais (K – Thousand M – Million | B – billions)

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