Fabrício Queiroz Coaf: Trace of suspicious deposits for FL at Viola Balsonaro Depins Crisis | Brazil


The crisis is evidenced by the investigation with the former adviser of the Bolsono About me Claimed on Friday. Oh News, From TV Globo, presented an excerpt of a new release by the Financial Activities Control Council (Coff), which was aided in just a month of 2017, a series of installments and money in the calculation of Senator Elected Fl on Violo Balsonaro (PSL -RJ). In general, the quota was 96,000 Risey, which was suspicious of the organ, what trafficking operations could make money and money laundering. Almost as soon as the main Brazilian was new to the scandal, on television, record, close to the Bolsono, president's eldest son gave his version in interview and denied any irregularities.

The emergence of the new coffin announcement by Globo comes after Flávio Bolsonaro received at the Federal Supreme Court the fee for Fabricio Queiroz's investigation, caught moving 1.2 million rains between 2016 and 2017, a value incompatible with his formal remuneration. The case has been handled by the Rio State Prosecutor's Office since the end of last year and Balsonaro's son argued in court that, because he was an elected senator, only the higher court, in this case, the Attorney General's Office, could investigate Him. In the petition, the FLO Vio Bolsonaro also tried to invalidate documents such as the one of the Coffins exposed in this article. Although the STF itself still discussed the case in a definite standing in February, the Rio de Janeiro claims that all trials took place before he was even qualified for the position in the upper house.

Political wear

On Thursday, the Senator's appeal was elected by the privileged forum to the STF, a file criticizing the president and his family for the past, causing political tears and tears in the first month of the Boolsono government's inauguration. Now, the path of suspicious deposits for the senator-chosen shifts the case and embarrasses the family's power to power up the "corruption of the PT." Although Rio's MP says that Flavoo Balsonaro has not been formally invested, a line of account tells the possibility that the passages made by Flavoo Balsonaro advised on the brioccio quiroz as their final destination, the Senator, chose. What he denies. It is illegal, but widespread in assemblies, chambers and prefectures of the country, the practice of parliamentarians is part of the salaries of their employees, the so-called charge.

On record, the eldest son of a president said he had counted the "illegal" cof-fight, which would have broken his bank's secrecy without judicial permission. Flavio Bolsonaro said he was not responsible for what his employees were doing out of work, and that he was not responsible for what his employees did out of work. It is commonplace for assistants to have other functions.

As far away from Coff, and in reports, the cash installments sent to Quiroz coincided with the payment dates of the Rio de Janeiro (Allergy) Legislative Assembly. More: In the fall of deposits for the Senator get known on Friday, most are made into the allergy self-service terminal. In different dates, according to TV Globo, contributions were identified in identical values, with only a few minutes of interval. Ten deposits of 2000 raises are made in five minutes on just one analyzed data.

The investigation with Flubio Balsonaro's former aid brought in a deployment of lava jato operation in Rio called the Fura da Onça, which has led 10 Rio de Janeiro prisoners to prison. On December 6, the Coffin reported in a report that Quiroz, a Reserve Military Police Officer, a former FL FL driver and a long-time friend of the Bolsono family, made a $ 1.2 million bank transfer, "incompatible with his assets "At his report, the KOF identified transfers from the former advisor to the account of the first lady, Michelle Bolsonar, who had a total of $ 24,000. The president, Bonsonaro, said the value was related to a series of loans made by him to the driver. , With check 4,000 Riseys.

As the plot thickens, television record announces that it will show on Sunday an exclusive first lady interview, the smooth face of the new government.

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