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Fabiana hit by shock and gets into the hands of Agno TV news


The ex-novice of Natalia floor will be unmasked by Agno (Malvino Salvador) in the owner's possession. After finishing part of her journey, discovering that she is Vivi's (Paolla Oliveira) sister, he'll be giving someone arriving there in the girl's harassment. You'll say that you know what kind of person it is, and that she didn't knock at your door for idle use: "You've planned every step," says Lyris husband (Debra Evelyn).

The scenes will air on Wednesday (19). Agno will call Fabiana to eat a pizza and take her hand when she puts her on top and makes a fondness. "I do not love you with romantic intentions, I invited you to celebrate. [José de Abreu] Told me he discovered that she's a singer, "Agno says.

Fabiana will start talking that she is still "absorbing the thrill of discovery" and that everything was a great surprise to her.

"I'm going to check you in. Thanks to the recommendation of a co-friend of Mr. Cohen. Now I know that when you went to him, you specifically asked for a vacancy at my construction company," Agno will rebound. Yourself.

The little hollow duck will swallow what she would say. Casia's father (Mel Maia) will confirm that he is not a fool. Fabiana will say that a DNA test will prove brotherhood. "I have no doubt, but first you lived with Vivi, to soften the way and get the best for you," said the man who denied sex with his wife.

Packed with silence

"I was afraid of being refused my sister," he says. She will be indignant, but will not convince you with her little play. Agno will open the game. You will say that you do not want to tell the partner or digital influencer. He'll say he can help you get along.

"I want to get a divorce, to be free from my mother-in-law and her son, but without giving a penny, not even to my wife, I want you to help me pamper my family," Businessman.

After this, Fabiana and Rock (Caio Castro) will follow him and summer will approach and leave with a program boy. Agno will call you for a new conversation.

"Next time I'll be more discreet." "You're going to fool me, I'm honest." "I wanted to kill myself, of course. I'm sure he's not going to say anything. I'm smart, playful, and you know it's me who's going to make money. So, my partner, You find out if he has another?

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