Exit ministry, Aunt Eron says it's up to Damars to declare resignation


(Photo: Luis Macedo / Chamber of Deputies)
(Photo: Luis Macedo / Chamber of Deputies)

The first Sabbath (4) of the Ministry of Women, Family, and Human Rights was a Tia Eron (PRB) former deputy in an interview with Globo, and was raised to Damares Alves.

The ex-parliament has avoided the former landlord, whom she described as a person "capable of getting it right, if she seeks wisdom in technical sources".

Max Eron further reported that "there are missing people committed" with the protection of women in the file. When she was dismissed, she had already allegedly blamed the low productivity of the National Secretariat for Women's Policy.

The former deputy still denied that the servants you were teaching in this week by Damares.

"It must be said that it was a misunderstanding of the social guidelines we advocated on individual racism, women's empowerment and equal opportunities for all. These guidelines should not be right or left, but everyone who dreams of a beautiful and welcoming country For Brazilians, "he said.

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