Defense says police Lima's health is & # 39; Very grave and ask for freedom policy


Colonel João Baptista Lima Filho, a friend of former President Michel who held with him, requested the Supreme Court of Justice (Stj) to deliver him on Friday (10).

The demand was sent to the cabinet of the Antonio Saldanha minister, which is also the case with them. The tendency is for the two requests for analysis of the sixth group to take place next Tuesday (14).

In the haphazard 38-page corpus, the Lima defense says prison maintenance is illegal and notes that it is 76 years old and has a delicate health condition. He has chronic diabetes, has already suffered two strokes (strokes) and kidney cancer, according to the defense.

"It is safe, by the fact that cunning prudential segregation – an extreme and unnecessary measure of the concrete situation – is not just disproportionate, but absolutely illegal … it is extremely regrettable, especially when the elderly age (76) and their Very serious and debilitating state of health, "wrote lawyers who provided information on biopsies and surgeries.

Temer and Colonel Lima are again arrested in the case of the Angra 3 plant

Temer and Colonel Lima are again arrested in the case of the Angra 3 plant

The defense argues that there is no concrete evidence that investigations will undermine and no sign of a risk of flight, as Lima even delivered the passport to the Federal Supreme Court during the investigation of the case – he was accused of receiving money On behalf of the party, after a decree to rob companies in the port sector.

"There is nothing concrete in the case that demonstrates the real need for John Baptista's Lima Filho case. In the contrary, his personal and professional situation distracts him," the defense says.

The Prosecutors want, if the Stj does not decide on the announcement, to alert the prisoner to such precautions as electronic monitoring and recall.

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