Bolsonaru's Minister of Education Defends the Non-Party School and School Ethics Council


A ministry of education with less Brazil and more Brazil. It is the proposal of Colombian Philosopher Ricardo Weelez Rodriguez, appointed by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to take care of the country's education from January 2019.

Vélez studied Philosophy at the Javeriana Pontifical University. He has a Master Degree of Poker Do Rio and a Doctorate from the Universidade Gama Filho. He has activities at the Raymond Aron Center in Paris.

Critics of the PT and Marxism, he opened the post on his blog "Rosinante", created in 2009 – named after the horse of Don Quixote, character of the Spanish book of Miguel Cervantes. He describes the blog as "a place for the defense of Liberty, in the unconditional way that Don Quixote has in his brave work!"

He has already made the defense of the non-party school on the blog, a presidential election-elected leader of the bolsonaro. For Weelz, this is a fundamental supervision, because "the world today is subconscious, we all know, to the totalitarian temperature, resulting from the state occupying all the spaces, which would make practically impossible the exercise of freedom of the people."

Colombian philosopher, naturalized Brazilian, arrived here in 1979. After almost four decades in the country, he defends that all Brazilian schools should have "ethics councils," to ensure students' moral education. "It's not about committees of moralism or censorship boards, it's about institutionalizing reflection on ethical issues and how every school is meeting the demand," he wrote on his blog.

In the article "A script for the Mac" – which wrote in the blog ten days after the victory of Bolsonaro in the second round – it gave the information that may be a minister of education, a function that would have as a basic task "to replace the System of basic and fundamental education in the service of the people and not as a bureaucratic option with the interest of the citizens, to represent a chest that was seized in power and intended to make Republican institutions instruments for its political legitimacy Mementation.

For Weelez, "The work of re-foundation is a very simple step: to frame the Mac in the context of valuing education for life and citizenship of the ministries, where citizens really live.

In the same text, Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez was critical of any, whose say developed by Inep would be understood as "more than instruments of idealization, as well as sensibly means to get the training of young people in the education system."

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Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez (Photo: Youtube Play)

The full article goes. "A script for the Mac", Wrote on November 7:

Friends, I write as a teacher, which, through the voices of some people, who are associated with education and culture (among whom the teacher and friend Olvo de Carvalho stands out), I was pointed out for the possible choice, by President-selected Jair Bolsono, of education.

I accepted the statement for only one reason: To make a statement, in the field of Mac, the government's proposal expressed by Jair Bolsono, from Brazil, less Brazil. I think that our President-elect chose to support Brazilian society in the last electoral process, as a result of a decisive factor: he was the only candidate who managed to translate the middle class lodgings that expressed the dissatisfaction of All Brazilians with the PT registrars have impressed the country by provoking a threefold opposition of races, crises, we attack them, as if we could not, the inhabitants of the country, sediment some basic consensus way With our future. Jair Messius Bolsonara was elected because of the fact: he translated, with courage and simplicity, the wishes of the majority of voters. His campaign, missing times in the media and resources, did not attempt to take off. He has off, and even more, won the squares and streets, through simple communication devices such as the smartphone and the internet, which the ordinary Brazilian uses in its daily life of the digital block of our technological society.

As a teacher and an intellectual who think about the strategic paradoxes of Brazil, I bet from the start on the candidate Bolsonaro. I found your proposal to listen to what ordinary people think of a real way out of the dissatisfaction and agony that suffocated them in the difficult times, when the red chemistry of the PT and its associates was threatened. Tonfullly, our candidate was the winner, in an aggressive campaign in which many initiatives were offered to falsify proposals and fake news, and despite the fact that he himself had to pay a high price with the sting he was serving in Jiu de Fora, made a plot of organized crime with the radicals of always.

For Mac, I see an essential task: to set the basic and fundamental education system in the service of the people and not as a bureaucratic option in the interests of the citizens, to continue a caste that was enabled in power and that it Wants to do, from the Republican Institutions, instruments for their political hijacking. But the work of re-foundation is a very simple step: to frame the Mac in the context of valuing education for life and citizenship of the ministries, where citizens really live. In the past decade, however, the censorship of laws and regulations has enabled the citizens of life to make Brazilian hostages to a system of education alien to their lives and refined to impose on a society an indirect transformation of a scientific nature. With the whole range of dreaded funds in fictitious issues, such as the Jewish education, dialectical of "us against them," and a recitation of history in the interests of the social intelligence, "designed to dismantle the traditional values ​​of our society, like About the preservation of life, family, religion, citizenship, in sum, patriotism.

In the line of pre-candidates for the post of Minister of Education, over the last few weeks, proposals have been admitted, one of them, with the perpetration of the current Grammarians bureaucracy that illustrated, in the inp, the complex tests of the enem, More than instruments of ideology as a sensibly means to get the training of young people in the education system.

Another suggestion is that in tune with the financial companies that, through the International Pension Fund, see Brazilian education as a field where highly profitable proposals can be funded for the money, but that, in fact, over the last decades have an effect Is the enrichment of some institutions of educational institutions at the expense of the poor quality in which the educational institutions are submerged, with the gloomy prospect of the money fluttering when the lucrative downsizing of the mash Inside has fallen. Convince us that, in terms of patriotism, the outflows generate more problems than solutions.

I bet for Mac, on a policy that will take the sounds of the generosity of the generation of Anicio Teixeira, who saw the basic and fundamental education system as a service offered by the municipalities, which would gradually formulate the laws Would make learning functions. The federal and state levels will simply come into the aid of the areas of municipalities meeting resources and as a political leader who has been led off the bottom, publishing the various features of our social fabric in the fields of education, No fancy solutions thought from top to bottom, but with the feet well in the fact of the urban conglomerates where the citizens really live.

The proposal of a education built on the bottom up is simply ignored by the state-owned policy with which Ghettuli Wargas, at the New State's expense, thought of republican institutions, including education, in the context of a technological proposal formulated from top to bottom , The citizens who started to play the role of chips on a chessboard where the leader was the Union example, superimposed on municipalities and states.

"Less Brazil and more Brazil", including in the Mac. That would be my proposal, which is intended to follow the patriotic walk undertaken by our President-elect.

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