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Elected newly elected Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) in an interview presented by TV Aparecida on Monday (5), said that this would be a "big step" if the Congress this year confirmed the transition to the lowest retirement age in public services and is not private.

At the moment, the government's proposal for the pension reform is proposed by the Government of Michel Temer. The project provides for a minimum retirement age of 62 years for women and 65 for men (for public and private sector workers), and the transition rule until 2042. There are exceptions, for example, Teachers, police and workers in conditions of health;

"A big step in my understanding, this year if it is possible to move to 61 years in the public service for men and 56 for women and I also year in other careers. I think this is a good start for us to enter the year , which already has something concrete to help us in the economy, "he said.

Bolsonaro gave the interview to the Catholic Television last Thursday (1), but the conversation was shown on Monday afternoon.

Bolsonaro said during an interview that the minimum age can not be generalized. "You're talking a lot at the age of 65. But you can not generalize from there, you have certain activities that are incompatible with retirement for 60 years. I have an exact value here, but it's less than 60. So it's not fair to put that , "he said.

"In the public service, for example, we need to end the merger," he added.

He said he would try to approve some reforms later this year, despite "refreshing in Brazil" after the election. "I have experience with what is happening after the elections," he said. "I'm afraid in Brasilia. What I want to try is to approve something in the pension system reform," he said.

"We want to make a step, albeit small, but take a step in the reform of social care that is needed," he said.

Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) - Photo: Reproduction / JNNewly elected President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) - Photo: Reproduction / JN

Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) – Photo: Reproduction / JN

In an interview, Bolsonaro asked what measures he would take with regard to the migration flow of Venezuelans to Brazil.

Immigrants who leave the neighboring country in order to avoid a social, economic and political crisis enter Brazil mainly through the State of Roraima.

In recent months, the state government has claimed that it does not have a structure to deal with the arrival of Venezuelans and that the Union is stricter at the border.

For Bolsonaro, the country must welcome the Venezuelans and at the same time take action against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

"We will recognize the situation of Venezuela, escape from dictatorship, hunger and violence, but the federal government must take action against the Maduro government not only by welcoming and allowing things to be resolved naturally." There are several internal problems here, "the elected president said.

He also said that the Union can not solely be responsible for local governments. "Today you have to say hello, that you can not completely give up responsibilities under the government of Roraima and under the government of Pacaraime and Boa Vista," he said.

Asked about the changes he intends to propose on arms control in the country, Bolsonaro denied access increased violence rates.

"There is no gun in the United States that does not want it, and the level of violence is seven times lower than ours." In the military period from 64 to 85, you can buy a gun in Mesbla and give it to your father, without difficulty, "he said.

He said that he intends to monitor what the population decided on during a referendum on the status of disarmament in 2005. According to the elected president, the population has opted to possess weapons if certain rules are followed.

"We have to respect the referendum in 2005. There, people decided with 2/3 for the right to buy weapons and ammunition with some rules, that is what we want to restore, at least with weapons in the house, it will have peace in your home. what we want at the first moment, "he said.

According to Bolsonaro, the rules to be met for the possession of weapons are as follows: psychological examination, technical examination, proof of permanent residence and verification of a criminal offense.

"An armed issue, no one wants the law to be played and anyone wants to take it," I said about possession of firearms, the right to have weapons in your home, in your rural or urban penetration, "he claimed elected to President.

Bolsonaro was also asked about any changes to the abortion law. He said there would be a veto on a bill that would extend the legal options for ending pregnancy if approved by the Congress.

"I do not want to take this initiative [ampliar as possibilidades legais de aborto]. The commitment I have is that abortion does not extend in any way, "he said." I'm anti-abortion, "he said.

Currently, abortion is allowed in three cases: if pregnancy is life-threatening to the mother; if pregnancy is the result of rape; or if the fetus is anencephalic.

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