André Luiz de Almeida Mendonça was selected for Agu from the new government

The lawyer Andrey Louise de Almeida Mendonza was chosen on Wednesday (21/11) by the president-elect Jair Bolsonara to be the lawyer general of the Union of the new government. He will replace Chad Mendoza in office since 2016.

Attorney for the Union since February 2000, he was a special attorney to the Minister of the Guardian of the Federal Office of General Administrators, who will remain in the Bolsonara administration since February.

In 2008, Mendonza began to conduct the Department of Public Patrimony and Administrative Probability, appointed by AGU Dias Toffoli, now president of the Federal Supreme Court. Mendonza was the first head of the department created by Tofoli to file lawsuits of administrative impropriety.

"I congratulate him and welcome him," said Tofoli, "and he is an excellent career attorney. With jury. The minister recalled the work of Mendonça in the area responsible for actions of impropriety, which even won the internship award.

Mendoza was born in Santos (SP). Prior to joining Agu, he was a lawyer at Petrobras Distribuidora, also bankrupt. Besides the law, he graduated from Theology, in Londrin (PR), and today he is pastor. In 2005, he was transferred to Brazil, where he worked in the corregation of the organ and participated in the investigation which resulted in the dismissal of the Association of the Association and the Treasury of the Treasury.

Andrey Mendon received the highest assessment in the doctoral thesis that he built,Rule of Law and Global Governance"At the University of Salamanca in Spain this year.

Career name

Maybe, the current Minister of Grace Mendonça, she was pleased to hear the news that Agu will remain under the command of a member of the institution. "I want my colleague Andrei to lodge the Almeida Mendonza happiness to get all the challenges that came in his administration, we will provide all the information so that the transition can be done in a harmonious way," he said.

"Thank you to Agu's 12,000 members, employees and employees for all the support. Our home is bigger today than ever," said Guess.

Fighting Corruption

Andrey Louise Mendonza won in 2011 the special category of the Innovative Prize by the permanent group of proactive action of the General Law of the Union, called "Office of Defense of Probity". The team has recovered $ 491 million in three years.

The work is responsible, for example, for the recovery of $ 55 million for the corruption case in the headquarters of the Regional Court of Sara Paulo in 1998. In 2010, the justice ordered the restitution in a decision of an action proposed by Andrey Louise Mendon group's group.

Praised choice

Attorney General of the National Treasury 2006-2009 and Attorney General of the Union 2009-2009, Luís Inácio Lucena Adams It's a smart choice.

"Andrey is a seasoned and experienced professional, and at that time he worked at the AGU with me, he always showed that he was capable and I hope he will succeed in the hard projects he faces," he said, also celebrating His professional career.

The lawyer Sebastião Tojal Also, make the decision. "Both his choice for Agu and that of Minister Wagner Rosario to remain at the head of the KUU.These are excellent members of the Public Administration, dedicated to the protection of the public interest and, specifically, deep experts on the system of Readiness agreements, "he said.

In the same way, the lawyer Igor Tamasuskas On the qualification of Andre Mendoza for the fight against corruption. "A profound, qualified professor who has his or her own cultural service, because of the deep knowledge of the anti-corruption law, will certainly give an important priority to the Lenensian program, consolidating the AGU action and the CGU," he said.

Lawyer specializing in business law, Walfrido Warde Also extradited the academic and research work of the name chosen by Bolsonaro. "Andrey Mendonça is the most suitable person for the Agu, he compiles a great deal of knowledge about the state, in particular about the Union's Union, to an experimental academic proficiency manifested in his well-known doctrinal thesis on corruption" .

Contact Us |, Former KGU prime minister and conducting the new Agu in Salamanca, also praised Andre Mendon's profile. "He is one of the best cadres of the Brazilian public law, a competent, correct, balanced and one of the major responsible for the consolidation of Liensi agreements of the anti-corruption law.

* News Updated at 2:18 PM on 21 November for corrections.

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