After the rain, the prohibition on the Tamoios Highway; Oswaldo Cruz is released


In Tamoios, in the section of the saws 20 points of falls of obstacles, trees and energy pillars

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SOROCABA – The Oswaldo Cruz Highway (SP-125) connecting the Paraiba Valley in Ubatuba on the north coast of São Paulo was on the afternoon of eighteen days afternoon, after 14 hours of driving ban. However, the Tamoios Motorway (SP-099) was still closed due to the collapse of obstacles and there was no release announcement. Also, the Cunha-Paraty road on the border with Rio de Janeiro, which could be used as access to Ubatube, was blocked with barriers late in the afternoon.

Interruptions were the result of heavy rains that hit the region between Wednesday night and almost every Thursday. In Tamoios alone, in the mountainous area between km 58 and km 67, 20 points of obstacles, trees and energy bars against Caraguatatuba fell. The obstacles also decreased in km 81, towards São José dos Campos. The drivers on the highway had to return. Many spent the night on the road.

In Oswaldo Cruz, obstacles that blocked the highway from the dawn were removed by teams from the Department of Roads (DER). The traffic continued at about 3 hours in the form of trains. After the Civil Defense, 204 mm in Caraguatatuba fell in 24 hours, 80% of rainfall is expected throughout the month. Rivers and streams flooded the city, flooding entire neighborhoods. Firefighters were open to rescue stranded people. Families without homes were taken to the City Sports Center.

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