Actress attacks by former diplomat asks in justice of RJ payment of debt for breach of marriage contract New Orleans, Louisiana Hotels


The actress Cristi Mangado, who was shot by the former diplomat Sirigo Stoller Thompson-Flores, posted November 12 in the 50th Civil Court of the capital with a fight to execute his debt with her in the amount of $ 1.2 million. As the request is fresh, Judge Rafellella Avila de Susa tuffy Phillip will still hold the defendant.

The debt, according to the attorneys of the actress, is a result of the break of some clauses of a marriage contract signed by the couple in July this year. The petition had some photographs with the muscles of violence, suffered from the actress, as reported on Wednesday (28), the Column of Ancelmo Gois in the newspaper O Globo.

On November 18, the actress appeared to be fantastic, which has installed cameras around the house, to record the aggressive she suffered from her husband. Images from August this year show the Thompson-Flores pushing, beating and even trying to hang the actress with a telephone wire. Fear of becoming a physicist of feminist, the actress sought state protection.

The businessman and the former diplomat Seggio Stealer Thompson-Flores is held in custody at the Jose Frederico Marx Public Bank in Benfica, Zona North, on charges of oscillating his wife and for failing to comply with protective measures.

At the time of Christian's complaint to Fantástico, Thompson-Flores' s counselors said that the charges are motivated by the fiscal interest. About the pictures, they claim that they are edited by Christian and present a reaction to an earlier action that would have been practiced by you.

Former diplomat accused of attacking women was transferred to Benfica prison

Former diplomat accused of attacking women was transferred to Benfica prison

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