& # 39; The Seventh Guardian: Valentina Will Defeat Gabriel And Get Water From The Source


Lilia Cabral is Valentina (Photo: TV Globo)Lilia Cabral is Valentina (Photo: TV Globo)

In the next chapters of "The Seventh Guardian"Valentina (Lilia Cabral) will win an important victory against Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso). She will set up a plan and steal water from the source so Marcos Paulo (Nany men) begins to make cosmetics.

It will begin after the business women told Sapaio (Marcelo Nova) to recognize the secret passageway between her house and the aquifer. After the helmet completes the order, she will give you another mission:

"I want you to bring me gallons of water today." Even if you have a cat, a man or a devil on the road!

"But if you have people, cats or the devil from the source … What do I do?

– Only two people have access to the underwater Bit-Human cave: Judith (Isabella Garcia) And Gabriel. I already know how to get there.

"What about Gabriel?" He asked.

– You can leave me! To deal with ungrateful son, no one better than mother!


Man Leon will hatch guard guards

Father will be the new guardian

Valentina will discover that Leon is a man

Valentina then orders Robio (Prince Martin) to make an excuse to take Judith home from home. At the same time, she will invite her son to dine at Tobias Restaurant (Roberto Birindelli). On the occasion of the meeting, she will see Sampao and will be informed that everything is going as planned.

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