Tihange 3 could start again in January, a delay for Doel 1

On the contrary, Tihange 3 could come back faster than expected if the proposed Electrabel methodology of action was adopted by FANC. Tihange 1 was re-launched on November 12 before the opening schedule.

Improving the design and efficiency of the units was planned in 2018 in Doel 1 and Doel 2. Following Electrabel, the safety level of two dual units with a capacity of 440 MW was strengthened. The Federal Nuclear Control Agency (FANC) gave a mandate on 2 November to replace the part of the pipe that leaked leakage into Doel 1.

"These operations on Doel 1 have shown that most of the pipes need to be repaired. They are complex and combined with particularly demanding qualification tests. Therefore, in the current state of the investigations under the control of FANC, Electrabel considers that the time needed to carry out the work brings unavailability of Doel 1 from 10 December 2018 to 31 January 2019"Real Electrabel.

In addition, Electrabel provided FANC with a customized methodology for Tihange 3. "This methodology would make it possible to return to the Tihange 3 network in January. It consists of completing the entire concrete work for meeting the safety requirements and performing complete recovery of non-critical concrete. If FANC agreed with this methodology, Tihange 3 could return to the network in January (the estimated date for the resetting of Tihange 3 is set at this stage on March 2, 2019), "Electrabel concludes.

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