"Their children after them" is a "piece of society" that provides the winner of the Goncourt Prize


Nicolas Mathieu talks about the likes of franceinfo and the story of his novel, which won the Goncourt Prize.

"I wanted to restore, show and do as precisely as possible, while ensuring that the reader is trapped" reading the novel Their children after them (Editions Actes Sud, August 2018) reacts on Wednesday, November 7, to franceinfo Nicolas Mathieu, who received the Goncourt 2018 prize. He acknowledges the characters of his novel, which "Surprised". "Their logic was loaded onto mine and they became enough guests to not let them go", explains the writer who had it "more than follows". This is a novel "part of society".

franceinfo: This little town in Lorraine, where this novel is going on, is imaginary, but are you talking about places and people you know well about?

One writes well only about what he knows well. I played with a geographical fiction to give me a free hand, but these are places that are easily recognizable, the Moselle mining basin.

Do you describe your teenage feelings?

Yes, my adolescent feelings, those feelings of rage, explosion and retention that are characteristic of adolescence [sont décrits dans ce roman] but also the feelings of the summer, the time that passes, the desire, and what time our body has. When writing, if I have a keyword to summarize my approach, it is a refund. I'm trying to be closer to my skin and [mes personnages] that it exists and from the moment it starts to work, I have to follow only those.

They took you to places where you did not mean your own signs?

Absolutely, because in the whole novel we feel the prejudice of a storm, an explosion, an accident, and me, I was surprised at all this. Their logic was placed on mine and they became enough guests to not let them go.

Is this a political book?

This is a political book, but it is not a political step. Because I do not have a program or project to improve, but it is political because it describes the world, a piece of society that describes hierarchies, the distance between people is as incompatible. and how we live together. To analyze reality as it is, to talk about our life, as it is, is a prerequisite for something better. I wanted to show and do as accurately as possible, while ensuring that the reader was captured. I do not want to, I renew the world and give it an experience to the reader.

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